Safe letterboxes

With a freestanding letterbox from SafePost, you will have

No more draughts

Plug the hole in your front door and get rid of chilly draughts and save pounds to your power bill.

No visible mail

Opting for a SafePost letterbox instead of a letterbox in your door means no one can look to see if you have collected your post. SafePost letterboxes can hold between two and four weeks of post depending on the size you choose. One less thing to think about when going on holiday or business trips!

No theft through the letter box

Increasingly, theft of keys and other valuables via the letterbox leave the owner without a car or with a house emptied of valuables.

No arson attack through the letter box

Arson attacks through the letter box. It does sound extreme, but it does happen. Burning material, chemicals or other unwanted items have been pushed through the door creating a hazard for animals, children and other inhabitants of the house, not to mention the property itself.

No need to enter the property

You probably know your regular postman well enough, but what about all other people who deliver direct mail, local papers, etc? Do you want them all to enter your property? With a freestanding letterbox placed next to the road, there is no need for anyone to enter your property unless they have a good reason.



Given that a free-standing letterbox provides better protection, higher security, energy savings and not having to worry about who takes the post when you leave for a short or a longer period, isn’t it time to re-think and do away with the letterbox in your door?