ScanPro 12-8 LED

ScanPro 12-8 LED

Our new elegant free-standing LED-illuminated letterbox.

The modern “Designer” letterbox with rounded front in stainless steel.

High quality production with no sharp edges due to doubled-over steel plate.

LED lights are battery driven with motion and light sensors.

LED lights: Each unit has 10x 0.05 watt LED lamps, enclosed in an organic glass casing.

Batteries: 3 x NiMH, R20, Size D, 1,5 Volt.

Adjustable lighting periods. (30 to 60seconds.) Special LED instructions here.

Covered letter slot and protected lock.

Box dimensions

Height: 950 / 900 mm
Width: 370 mm
Depth: 150 mm

Front dimensions

Height: 393 mm
Width: 400 mm
Total depth of front and box: 217 mm

Letter slot: 38 x 370 mm

Mounting instruction ScanPro 12-8 LED here.


Colour:  The box is powder-coated in silver grey with a stainless steel front.



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